After working for my the same employer, or their successors, for 28 years we have decided to part company. Well, they decided not to pay me anymore and I decided not to try to log in. Such is life. Since I had to sign a “non-disclosure” agreement, we will not mention the names of my… Continue reading Unemployment

Banner headlines

I still have an AOL account. (I got it when AOL was very high tech and used this thing called HTML so no snickering.) The Mosaic web browser was expensive and AOL had one built into it as long as you used their pages. Anyway, I digress, (the whole site is a digression, but we… Continue reading Banner headlines

My first post

The main purpose of this site is a place to write piffle. One of the great reasons probably is that I work from Home for Spectre so I don’t have anyone to bother. Fortunately, I should be able to bother people centuries later thanks to ¬†archive.org. If it is helpful, then it is worth it.