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I still have an AOL account. (I got it when AOL was very high tech and used this thing called HTML so no snickering.) The Mosaic web browser was expensive and AOL had one built into it as long as you used their pages.

Anyway, I digress, (the whole site is a digression, but we will save that for another post) I still have it. When someone I don’t know very well wants to send me something I have them go there.  My problem is that they love to put headlines up that don’t tell you anything. You have to click it, and it will send you to a video page that then makes you wait for 15 or 20 seconds to see Alec Baldwin pop up and tell you how good a credit card is and then another 10 seconds to see the opening credits to their minisite branding video and finally show you the part that you wanted to know about on video. Usually this something like “Motion Picture Scion found dead.” After you click on it you and wait, they show you the cemetery plot of the late Guy Kibbee.” (A fine character actor best remembered for “Our Town” probably.)

Now I know that someone has to hire twenty somethings so they can start out in television, but why do they set it up in this fashion. If you and I wanted to know about a former Disney Channel chanteuse who made an alleged music video wearing less than most stag films from 50 years ago, we would click it. Wouldn’t we.

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